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Broom Head Assembly

End Game broom head assembly that can be attached to your existing broom handle (Fabric Sold Separately):


  • Patented eco-friendly design minimizes the discarded material when you replace your broom head, resulting in less waste in the landfill and lower fabric replacement costs.  The plastic and foam components are re-used and only the fabric is replaced.
  • Snap-fit head design eliminates the need for screw fasteners, giving you a secure fit with less weight
  • Adjustable pivot assembly with Stainless Steel components for improved strength, long lasting performance and an adjustment screw to set the pivot force of your broom
  • Dedicated slider bar and handle position that clicks into place for a secure slide without any broom wobble
  • Highly durable sticker gives a quieter slide and shows less scuffing than bare plastic head
  • 225g weight
  • Pad assembly is 9" long and 3" wide


  • Assembly includes: Top Head Body with Shaft Connector, Broom Head Foam, and Plastic Faceplate, 1 Standard Fabric
  • Broom handle and not included


  • Large Shaft Size fits EndGame and Balance Plus LiteSpeed broom handles (26mm Diameter)
  • Small Shaft Size fits Hardline and Performane Signature broom handles (20.5mm Diameter)
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