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Teal Blue Broom

Teal Blue Broom

End Game Broom with teal handle and head decal:

-  Fabric Sold Separately (All other broom head parts are included with broom)

-  Patented, eco-friendly design minimizes the discarded material when you replace your broom head fabric, resulting in lower fabric replacement costs and less landfill waste.

-  Snap-fit head design eliminates the need for screw fasteners, giving you a secure fit with less weight

-  Pivot mechanism with adjustment screw to customize the pivot force of your broom

-  Dedicated slider bar and handle position that clicks into place for a secure slide without any broom wobble

-  100% lightweight carbon fiber broom handle

-  Three Handle Finish Options:

  • Glossy - Traditional finish
  • Matte
  • Matte with grip - A silicone grip coating is added to the bottom 1/3 of handle for improved grip during sweeping

-  390g total broom weight (4ft length / glossy)

-  Pad assembly is 9" long and 3" wide

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