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About End Game Curling

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, End Game Curling was started in 2018 by Kroy Nernberger, a longtime US competitive curler.  Kroy started curling in 1997 and over his career has curled in several National Championships, Olympic Trials, and as an alternate at the 2015 Men’s World Curling Championships.

Through the years of curling and over thousands of games, it bothered Kroy that replacing a traditional curling broom head resulted in so much waste. In the first half of his curling career, there were very limited differences in broom head construction. Nearly every broom on the market was designed so the entire pad assembly needed to be discarded once the fabric was worn, which drove a lot of added cost to the consumer and wasted material in landfills.

The idea of a more economical broom head was born in 2013 and for the next few years, Kroy slowly evolved the design, improving little by little each time. Although the concept of eco-friendly fabric replacement was at the heart of the design, several additional features were added to the broom head.  By the spring of 2018, the design was ready.

End Game Curling was launched, and our first broom was introduced almost exclusively to the Madison Curling Club in the 2018-19 season.  In 2019, a patent was filed on the fabric design of the broom head, and that patent was eventually granted.

In the 2019-20 season, sales expanded to the rest of the US, but efforts to grow the End Game brand were severely affected over the following years by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although broom sales were hindered, the drive to innovate was not, and a second broom was in the works by 2021. In 2023, we launched our second broom, End Game Icon, as well as the Travel Handle and Grip Sleeve.

Thank you for visiting, we encourage you to explore the website to discover all of the features that End Game products offer. Good Curling!

What We Stand For

We embody innovation that is cost-effective and environmentally-friendly when it comes to our curling products. We're curlers including curling-community input & feedback to produce the highest-quality products for curlers of all skill levels.

What We Believe In

We champion giving every curler what they need to love curling. We're economical, so our products are widely attainable. We're low-carbon-footprint, so products contribute less to landfills. And, we're cutting-edge, to help curlers perform their best. Plus, we provide innovative features no other company offers; you'll be sure to love your End Game!

Behind End Game Curling

Kroy is a mechanical engineer by trade and has spent most of his professional career in the consumer products industry, where product features, performance, cost, and reliability are keys to success.  Products he’s helped develop are in the homes of millions of people worldwide, and Kroy enjoys the new challenges and opportunities that each product provides.

In 2009, Kroy met his wife Shalon at the Madison Curling Club. They married in 2014 and celebrated the birth of their daughter Eden in 2022.  Aside from curling, Kroy and Shalon enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.


Madison, Wisconsin

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