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New Season.

New Broom.

Three brand-new, innovative curling products — including a new broom — available now!


Setting a new standard for high-performance brooms.

Choose the broom that's right for you!


Featuring a 7.5" head to concentrate your sweeping energy and increase your directional sweeping effect.



Featuring a 9" head to cover more ice surface, transfer maximum energy, and carry stones farther.


Broom Head Length



Broom Head Weight

200 g

230 g

Total Broom Weight

368 g

390 g

Broom-Handle Grip Coating

Keep your hands from slipping while sweeping with a grip-coated broom handle.


Create less waste by only throwing away used fabric, not any additional parts.

Eco-Friendly Fabric Replacement!

Innovative Locking Sliding Position!*

Slide knowing your broom head will stay in its position.

*Not available on any other curling broom on the market!

Enjoy the freedom to adjust the broom head's pivot force to as tight or loose as you prefer.

Adjustable Pivot Resistance!

Large-Radius Sliding Bar!

Slide more smoothly down the ice thanks to a surface with a larger curvature.

Remove your broom's head quickly and easily, without the need for tools.

Quick-Disconnect Broom Head!

Explore our fabric options.

With a patented, eco-friendly design, our fabric replacements minimize the discarded material when you need a fabric change,  resulting in lower fabric costs, less landfill waste, and smaller carbon footprint.


Maximize your Grip & elevate your game.

Our brand-new Broom Handle Grip Sleeve is the newest advancement in sweeping. 

Prepare for the season.

Select a broom bundle and get a new broom plus the fabric you need for the season!  

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Bring your curling broom on the road with ease!

End Game Travel Handle


Easily travel with your broom using our 3-piece full carbon fiber travel handle! Engineered for convenience, the travel handle is grip-coated and fits most carry-on luggage. Plus, it's compatible with other curling broom brands! Traveling for curling will never be the same!