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End Game Curling was developed to bring an innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly broom option to curlers of all skill levels.   During the design process, we looked at all aspects of a curling broom and listened to what curlers wanted.  We kept what works well, improved what doesn't, and added features that no one else has, to give you a broom you're sure to love!

 Based out of Madison, Wisconsin, we are USA's first curling broom company and we are excited to get our brooms out on the ice! 


With fabric that is easily removed and replaced, you're re-using more and wasting less

When you replace the fabric of your End Game broom, that's all you're replacing and that's all you're throwing away, saving you money and reducing landfill waste

When you buy a competitor's broom head, you're paying for extra parts and processes, such as plastic, foam, printing costs, and assembly costs 




The sliding position locks the broom head in place, preventing pivoting or wobble during the slide



Adjustable pivot mechanism allows you to set the pivot force to your preference, so you'll never have a head that's too loose, or too tight


Maximum Effectiveness

Concave head profile flexes as you sweep to give you an even pressure distribution and maximum sweeping effectiveness

Premium Components


Our stainless steel components are stronger and will last longer than the aluminum parts in many other brooms​

100% Lightweight Carbon Fiber Handle


Light-weight carbon fiber handle requires less sweeping energy and allows for faster broom speed